Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines (SPM) Manufacturing for Assembly Lines, Welding, Material Handling, Quality Inspection on Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Control

Consulting Services

We provide Professional and Experienced Expertise for Mechanical, Metallurgical, Automotive and Plastic Sectors

Welcome to Meonic Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd

Its a hub for all Special Purpose Machines and Equipment’s. We are Leading Industry in Research and Development of Special Purpose Machines and Equipment’s. We serve Mechanical, Metallurgical, Automotive and Plastic Industries for SPMs as well as for Consulting.

Providing quick and advance solutions is our motto !”

How Special Purpose Machines we build ?

Visioning and Brainstorming

Experimentation and Trials

Planning and Customization

Final Demonstration

Research and Development


Prototyping and 3D Printing


Creative Process

Company with unbounded Projects and Services in number of Sectors by applying Specific required Talent and Expertise

MES always there for you to provide Solutions in Special Purpose Machines and Equipment’s. Automation and Material Handling for Manufacturing Sector.

Consultancy in Automotive, Manufacturing, Metallurgy gives us Strength to Build Strong Customer Relation and Reputation in Market.

Project Selection

Each Project have its own Importance and we also give Importance to Every Projects.

Design, Test, Analyze

We provide best Designs for SPMs. Testing of all Parameters are Important before Manufacturing. Analysis of System before Delivery.

Material Research

Research in Materials is important for Futuristic Applications. Expertise to perform R&D on Fast Track.


Always ready to Share Experience to Resolve your issue in any Sector of Engineering.

Product Features

Products are Compatible to Lead Industries in Industry 4.0 


Minimal Design

Responsive Products

IoT and AI implementation

How Consulting Services We Provide ?

Customer Problem Statement

Problem Statement Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Reporting to Customer