Plastic and Polymer Consulting

Composite Materials for Future

Advance Composite Materials Capturing Future of Materials. Scope for Polymers is Increasing due to Numerous Properties Improvement is possible due to Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites in thier respective Applications. Lets take the Advantage of these Materials to fulfill the Specific Property requirements.

Composite Manufacturing 

To Improve Specific Property of Polymers and Manufacturing Composite Materials require Knowledge of Polymer Materials and Experience in Research and Development of Composites Materials.

We help you to Develop New Polymer Composite Materials within the required Material Specification and Processes having desired Properties.


Ultimate Tensile Strength


Elasticity Reduction


Conductivity Improvement


Wear Resistivity Improvement


Impact Resistance Improvement

Research and Development

We Provide Experienced Expertise in Polymer and Plastic Sector to perform Research and Development of New Polymer Composite Materials. They will share Essential Knowledge and Experience of Composite Material Manufacturing to gain Desired Properties.